Mrs Law

Assitant Head Teacher

Miss Mead

Careers Lead

Melody Wall

Careers Advisor

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

CEIAG is embedded in areas of the curriculum and involves various internal and external events, experiences and visits.

Our Careers Curriculum from Year 7-11 is delivered in PSHE lessons and during form time in addition to drop down days, workplace visits and dedicated assemblies throughout the academic year. Each student is provided with a Unifrog account to track their careers education and find/apply for opportunities, resources and advice.

Post-16 students have their own bespoke provision, coordinated by the Sixth Form team and delivered by their coaches. Activities involve work experience, talks, course application support, UCAS support, CV-writing and many other events.

The school works with local universities and business partners to ensure wide-ranging provision. This is ensured through our following of the ‘Baker clause’. For further details please see the document Careers – Provider Access Policy (Baker Clause) downloadable from our policy documents.

Monitoring evaluation and review

Monitoring the development of CEAIG across the school is the responsibility of the Senior Leadership Team and will be co-ordinated by the Careers Lead. The Careers Education and Guidance Improvement Plan will be developed and updated on an annual basis and will drive the work of CEAIG.

The current CEAIG Improvement Plan is available from the Careers Lead. The Careers Lead will be accountable for the effective delivery and progress made in steering through the improvement plans and ensuring that the vision for CEAIG at the school is achieved. Feedback on the quality of CEAIG provision will be gathered from a variety of stakeholders including students, employers, staff and parents/carers.